International Freight Companies

International Freight

When you import goods from abroad, the goods are usually shipped by sea or by air. Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages. Compare and learn the best option about both methods.
If you want to ship small or light orders to test the market, you choose a courier by air (such as CargoMaster). Today CargoMaster is one of the leading and most respected international freight companies in the field of international trade.
International Freight Companies
Air Freight is fast and easy, but the cost is also higher than sea. If you order large orders, sea shipping saves a lot. But also take longer (usually from a month to 2 months). Sea freight is optimal for large shipments and does not suffer from time pressure.
Sea Freight
You can open a separate account, but the most economical solution is with your supplier. They will certainly have a better price than you ship the goods yourself because they have relationships with the carrier so far.
If you later order a large quantity and your product is still not heavy, you can continue to choose a fast and easy to control air shipping way. Or, in the event that you are running out of stock due to selling too fast and in stock very low in stock. You want to order large quantities of international freight by sea, but wait for the goods to arrive while the stock is out. You may ask supplier to ship a small quantity by air to ensure that you are not out-of-inventory and that the rest ship by sea. I use this method very often.

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International Freight Companies
Use Our Ocean Freight Services to experience world-class quality. Professional staff, high capacity, dedicated and attentive service. You will be fully supported with export procedures, organizing transporting, packing, storing, loading and unloading containers, handling customs procedures, buying insurance, paying, collecting. documents related to the goods subject to the consignment. Concretely advise all kinds of documents, international sea shipping law process quickly.

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